frostscar (frostscar) wrote,

Off to MFF!

Me, Uzi and Dakk will be leaving for MFF on Thursday morning, Hope to see a bunch of you there. We will be holding a room party on Friday night. Complete with a boat load of Canadian snacks and drinks, a bar and a chance to meet some of our Guests of Honour.

With just less than 24 hours before the Condition: Zero Hour staff starts migrating to MFF to have a fun time, we would like to announce that we will be having a room party at MFF, bringing a taste of home with us for all to enjoy!

Where: At the Chicago North Shore Westin (MFF hotel), Room TBA (Thursday Evening)
When: The Friday night of MFF starting around 7pm
Who: All are invited, but bring ID if you plan to be drinking.

Come meet with us, share a drink and some snacks and have a good time. Also if you register, you will get a free dog tag!
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