frostscar (frostscar) wrote,

New Years in London

Where - 756 Kipps lane #207(same buzzer) When - 7pm on New Years Eve(if ya need to come early. Let me know...but ill probably put you to work cleaning) Why - Why not. Contact # - 519-868-5594 Text is better but call if you need to. Things to remember Everyone is welcome should they follow these simple rules We will have the bar set up. Bring ID, I don't care if you look 90, your 18 without a piece of ID. If you want to bring drinks thats awesome. So long as you don't bring me a 6 pack of Bud Light and try and pass it off as beer. Those that "donate" drinks to the party are welcome to reasonable amount from the bar. (mixers are also good) If you want to bring your own and have it for yourself, also fine but either donate a few dollars or leave the bar alone. You spill, you clean You vomit, you really clean and we make fun of you all night Your break it, your paying for it Those Under aged that wish to attend....these rules are silly but so are drinking laws. Your hands will get an X on the back of them to mark no booze should be in them. Ill make a tasty non-alcoholic punch. Bring a note from a guardian that states - One. They are aware that you care going to this party Two. they understand the nature of the party (ie drinking will happen) and they give you permission to attend. Out of Town Peoples - Limited Crash space is available but only to those that ask. - Should you become too drunk, you may end up with a hotel room on your credit card. After you wake up there. -Have a way home before to leave it.
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