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Frost's Post Condition Report

First off thank you to everyone who attended and supported our first year! We are going to make some major improvements with Condition: Red but I feel that Zero Hour was an amazing start to a long lasting convention!

Its taken me few tries to just sit and try to slow down enough to write this.


The staff have been working all year to help get the convention ready for this past weekend and we were working right down to the wire. Zero Hour was the perfect name for the convention for me when I printed the last pages of the con book at 11:55pm Thursday night.

Friday started early at about 9 am when we downed our coffee, got the last few con books together and headed off to the Four Points. After a short delay in setup, we got the convention reg opened at about 5:20pm so almost on time and started handing out the Multipasses to our guests.

The multipasses had been designed by Bob and made real by the efforts of Tugrik and they were a hit at the convention. In future we suggest not trying to test the multipass by biting it...they are strong but teeth are stronger it seems.

We were a little behind so our storyline opening was pushed back to Saturday morning and we, as usual, winged it and opened the con officially at around 7:30 with our Dance and Dj Dakk to start us off.

The lounge and dance went until 2 am and to try and repay some of the delays to the con goers we decided to open the dealers den early and let the den open Friday night.

We had somehow pulled it off...Condition was 1/3rd over and running as expected...but what would tomorrow bring?


After getting about 5 hours sleep ( They let me sleep in a bit) it was time to get registration going again and kick off the storyline. With HQ already at high alert for our peace talks with the Feral's, No one had expected a 3rd party to attack the convention! The delivery of a neutron bomb into the base forced a lockdown and trapped us all inside! With no other choice we kept on going as planned while Polarski attempted to disarm it.

Our fursuit parade was then hijacked by Potoroo and his band! 34 furries following the Feral! banner around the hotel... I thought they were going to cause a complete breakdown of the peace talks... half of the staff didn't even think we could make a deal with those animals but Polarski and I brokered a deal after Pup was able to disarm the bomb...It wasn't even one of theirs and they helped us out in a big way.

The night ended with peace and safety...and music til 2 am.


The day kicked off with a number of panels devoted to teaching our attendees about the fandom, writing and pocket monsters. Our big event of the day after dealing with the Ferals! was to give something back. So we kicked off our charity auction. A last minute dash by Pakesh brought the auction up another 7 items. As a first year event I didn't expect to be sending a large amount to Salt haven...but by the 11th item we had already raised about $700.

Then Polarski added his own Multipass to the show. A one of a kind, Gamma level pass that would grant access to the next 4 years of Condition.
and the bids climbed....

the crowded started to throw in admission to FE...4 years for a friend to attend Condition....a hat for Polarski...commissions...added to the con book, the story line..and the bid rose even higher to around 750.

Now at this point you need to know that this was already past why I could have when Kamber said does that come with a kiss on the butt...I jokingly said "sure, if we get 4 digits" and then Yennix added a free trip to feral if it past 1000...Which is did....

Roxi adds the original pages of the Comic book

We add a runner up prize of a room named after the winner and runner up at Condition: Red

1500 and a single word. Sold. and the crowd erupts into pandemonium.

$1500 dollars for Salt Haven. close to a record of a furry con world wide and for sure a record within Canada. So Xaber, we thank you on behalf of the animals who cannot.

So high on life and ready to lead the convention into another year, I went off to Closing ceremonies. Already to thank my staff and take a much needed break...but it was not to be.

Somehow the bomb which had been disarmed had been re-activated! I tried to disarm it but in the confusion I didn't notice the look on Cajun's face. He order Polarski to switch off the bomb and have me thrown into the brig but not before he had my legs kicked out and publically humiliated me in front of everyone by forcing me to kiss Polarski's rear! I heard him yelling to the crowd that it was time for a change of colours and that it was time for Condition: Red!

So here I am...stuck in the brig...I wonder what next year will bring for me?

Former Commander of Coalition Furry

Con Numbers?
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